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Borg Unimatrix 0047 Command Ship
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Ten Unimatrix 0047 Command Ships are employed by Borg Unimatrix 0047 for the Borg Collective's invasion of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. It is significantly stronger than any other dreadnoughts, though less powerful than the Crystalline Entity or STF bosses.



The ship is accompanied by (and can also replace through its hangars) standard Probes, Regeneration Probes that can constantly heal it, and Tractor Probes that obstruct engaging starships.

Plasma Energy Bolt[]

Plasma Energy Bolts are a powerful incarnation of the Heavy Plasma Torpedo, launched by the Command Ships through their fore and aft hangars. They are capable of disintegrating most enemy ships with one hit, and ships that do survive are likely to be heavily crippled and vulnerable to further fire. Plasma Energy Bolts are destructible, but much more durable than ordinary Heavy Plasma Torpedoes.

Their powerful AoE detonation also damages Borg ships caught in the blast. This allows for effective suicide attacks against the Command Ship; at close range a detonation can reduce the Command Ship's health by a staggering percent.

Level Plasma Energy Bolt Health
45 3298
60 4403


Level Standard Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
45 961,982 n/a n/a
51 1,085,467 n/a n/a
53 1,128,255 n/a n/a

Missions encountered[]


  • Each of the ten Command Ships has a corresponding accolade which will be rewarded for the destruction of that ship. Defeating all ten awards the "Nemesis of the Collective" accolade.
  • While difficult to accomplish, it is possible to force the ship to hit itself with the plasma bolts it fires from either end, doing massive damage to the ship, sometimes destroying it instantly.
  • The design, weaponry and even sound effects of the ship are an obvious allusion to V'Ger.
  • Executive producer Daniel Stahl is an outspoken fan of V'Ger. Why the ship is there and what it represents is left to speculation at the moment. Two options on the subject have been suggested in the past:
    • Gene Roddenberry once hinted at the possibility that V'ger's ship was constructed by the Borg. Hence Spock saw a virtual image of the Borg homeworld and melded with the hive mind. This idea was later revisited by William Shatner's non-canon novel The Return.
    • The back story of the game Star Trek: Legacy speculated that V'ger was an integral part in the creation of the Borg Collective in his quest for knowledge through assimilation.



  1. 1.0 1.1 Borg weapons have a firing arc of 360°.

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