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Universal Kit Module - KIDD Drone icon.png
Epic icon.png
Universal Kit Module - KIDD Drone
Epic Kit Module
Character Bind On Pickup
Cannot Equip more than 1 of this Item
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Deploy a Combined KIDD Drone to assist (30 sec recharge)
KIDD Drone Separation
Separate KIDD Drones
Separate KIDDs into 3 drones for 30 sec
KIDD - Tactical:
* Bolt Attack (Phaser Dmg)
* Full Auto Sweep (AOE Phaser Dmg)
KIDD - Science:
* Tachyon Harmonics (Shield Drain, Knock)
* Diagnostic Scan (Heal, Resists)
KIDD - Engineering:
* Deploy Mine (Kinetic Dmg)
* Reinforce Shields (Shield Heal, Harden)
Disable passive "Master KIDD Drone" for 45 sec
1 min recharge
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png

Universal Kit Module - KIDD Drone is a Kit Module which can be slotted into the module slot, unrestricted by a character's career. This module is leveless, and will calculate its effectiveness based on the level of the character that equips it. It was a reward from the second part of Event Campaign II in May 2020.

Item description[]

Special Ability: KIDD Drone Separation icon (Federation).png KIDD Drone Separation

The Kinetically-Impelled Detachable Drones (or KIDDs) were originally created from parts from the crash site of the U.S.S. Hiawatha, by Commander Jett Reno. With only these semi-automated devices as her assistants, she managed to save many critically-injured patients for more than 10 months.

This module has a Passive mode which will cause a Master KIDD Drone to be replicated and follow you in combat. While in this power-saving mode, the KIDDs will occasionally assist their owner in combat, but their capabilities are limited until the owner activates Separation Mode. Once separated, the three separate sub-units - collectively referred to as the KIDDs - become a multi-system combat unit that can damage and debilitate foes for a brief period of time. When Separation Mode wears off, the Master KIDD Drone will resume its power-saving follow behavior after a brief recharge.[1]


  • Once it is obtained, it becomes unlocked for all characters on the account. It can be claimed at no additional cost via the Reclaim Rewards section of the Events tab, accessible via the Mission Journal.
  • Separation ability cannot be activated if master drone has been destroyed. If it was destroyed, it is automatically reconstructed after 15 seconds.

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