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I’m alimac30, the creator of several missions in Star Trek Online built using the Foundry (STO’s user-generated content authoring tool). The handle is pronounced “Ali mack thirty”, by the way... but you can call me Ali :o)

In STO I play mostly as Ali Mac@alimac30, a proud Fleet Captain in Stonewall Fleet and Editor-in-Chief of the fleet magazine. In the world outside STO, I’m Ali – an obsessive perfectionist geek and DS9 fanatic living in Cambridge, UK. I have a background in science and now work in science education publishing.

Check out Foundry 101 (my beginner’s guide to creating missions in Star Trek Online using the Foundry), and Diary of a Founder (a blog in which I attempt to capture my thoughts as I create missions, and occasionally ponder on what makes a good mission).

My published Foundry missions[]