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About Me[]

I'm from the Philippines, an ASEAN-Filipino-Chinese by blood and citizenship. I am a gamer blogger, a hardcore gamer at that -- how hardcore, you ask? I play online games (even with a monthly subscription) featuring permadeath (permanent death), open-world PK (player-killing), and serious round-the-clock role-playing when I'm in-game. But if the environment doesn't provide for these, then I simply don't.

I am also a web developer, an aspiring literary writer, I love to read books, particularly sci-fi, fantasy, romance (historical, paranormal, time-travel), or a combination of these genres.

And, oh, did I mention I am in a stable relationship of 10 years? If you think hardcore gamers as hardcore as I am cannot have such, well, I've proven you wrong.

My Sites/Blogs[]

  • One Way to Salvation
  • Snoworld™
  • Clean Bill of Health
  • Laboratory Sandbox [LaBox]

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Yarso and Amyrei

Personal notes[]

These are my personal notes but not necessarily accurate. These are my thoughts and the way I understood things, usually for my own reference only but I am willing to share to everyone.

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