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This is a translated list of most of the Klingon words and phrases in STO, accurate as of 2012. If you have any questions, drop a note on my talk page. Please keep in mind that some of these are only phonetic translations.


  • "q" /qʰ/ and "Q" /q͡χ/ are different letters, as are "H" /x/ and "h" (which only occurs after a "c" or "g"). "S" and "D" only occur as capital letters, and all others are always lowercase.
  • "c" and "g" only occur as "ch" and "gh", and are considered a single letter.
  • The apostrophe (') /ʔ/, "tlh" /t͡ɬ/, and "ng" /ŋ/ are also considered single letters.
  • Many of the phrases found in-game have been "anglicized"; the capitalization has been normalized to English standards. This can create ambiguity (see QulDun below).

My thanks go to the Klingon Pocket Dictionary Lexicon for all this information, which is licensed under the CC-BY-SA.



  • DujHod: Captain Ship (probably should be DujHoD)
  • To'Duj: Tactics/Tactical Ship
  • B'rel: Just a ship class (no meaning)
  • QulDun: Multiple meanings, probably a pun. Technically, "QulDun" means "great research", while "qulDun" means "great fire". This likely refers to Gre'thor.
  • Somraw: Muscle if one word. Taken as two words (Som + raw), "hull bird"
  • K'Tanco: ?
  • Norgh: Type of sea predator
  • Qorgh: Care (?)
  • K't'inga: ?
  • Ki'tang: ?
  • Pach: Talon/Claw
  • Vor'cha: (Something) torpedoes (cure?)
  • Heg'ta: Death record, though it could also be "died" or "dead". More reasonable translation would be "head count"
  • Qin: Some type of sharp point, probably a spear
  • Negh'Var: Soldiers (?)
  • Vo'quv: Propel honor (?)
  • Kar'Fi: ?
  • Bortas: Revenge
  • Bortasqu': Great Revenge would be closest ("qu'" is a suffix denoting emphasis, so there's no exact translation).

Individual ships[]


  • Ra'wiq: Extremely rough translation of "ra'wI'", meaning commander

Sectors/Sector Blocks[]

  • Qu'Vat: Type of exclamation (in anger)