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Riov s'Radaik, First Officer - Fleet Operations Command

Fleet: tlhIngan yejquv

Current Assignment: R.I.S. Praetor

Starfleet Databank:

SFIS: [Amended records]

Name: Areinnye Sindari s'Radaik

Rank: General

Div: Imperial Police, Tal'Shiar

Starfleet Records reflect that this Officer is a former General of the Imperial Police. Under direction of the president and by Executive Order of Starfleet General Command, she was given a terran name to conceal her identity. She appeared before SFC after a massive battle in which Chancellor Mogh had engaged a Romulan Fleet of warbirds near the Nuetral Zone. Riov s'Radaik turned her vessel on the Romulan fleet aiding in the destruction of their vessels. Chancellor Mogh offered the Riov an opportunity to stand down from the RSE and join hands with the Federation in hopes of bringing an end to a needless and destructive war.