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Cronus Michael Aredon

  • Command History
    • Lt. Aredon (2/18/2010)
      • commanded the USS Ellicott City USS Ellicott City
    • Lt. Cmdr Aredon (3/18/2010)
      • commanded the USS Randallstown USS Randallstown
    • Cmdr. Aredon (4/23/2010)
      • commanded the USS White Plains USS White Plains
    • Capt. Aredon (6/3/2010)
      • commanded the USS Norristown USS Norristown
    • Adm. (Lower Half) (7/21/2010) and (Upper Half) (8/19/2010_ Aredon
      • commanded the USS Takoma Park USS Takoma Park
      • even on fire USS Takoma Park after battle
      • and the USS Ocean Pines USS Ocean Pines
      • and the USS Silver Springs USS Silver Springs
    • Vice Adm Aredon (9/3/2010)
      • now commands the USS Annapolis USS Annapolis
  • A Little Project
    • I'm a software developer by trade and am working on a backstory generator. Originally designed for the DnD 3.5 Ebberon campaign, I'm working on a dataset for STO. If you are interested in its progress or would like to contribute ST lore for the database, contact me at