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==About me==
==About me==
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I'm not good at writing these things.
I consider myself a fairly casual STO player, but definitely a Trek fan passionate about the canon (most of the time).
I'm currently working on screenplays for a hypothetical Star Trek fan series, heavily based on STO's 25th Century timeline and general plot.
I am familiar with most HTML, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL, as well as phpBB and JQuery, mainly as a result of occasional forays into web development. I've also dabbled a little in SolidWorks and 3DS Max.
I'm also an avid Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) - I manage my own LEGO Military modelmaking and roleplaying fan site [ Alpha Company Forums], help moderate the [ BrickArms Forums] (a discussion board for a company that makes aftermarket toy weapons for LEGO figures), and I showcase my work in form of 3D [ LDraw] LEGO models on [ my Flickr photostream].
[ My Deviantart account] contains a small but steadily growing collection of Trek and STO related fanart.

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Faction Federation.png Sumghai
@STO Name:
Black Templars

About me

Faction FedRomKDF.png This user plays characters of all three factions.
Console tac icon.png This user is a tactical officer by nature.
Pierced Veil icon.png This user likes Phaser energy weapons.
Hull Smasher icon.png This user likes Disruptor energy weapons.
Solar Flare Gun icon.png This user likes Plasma energy weapons.
Quantum-Userbox-icon.png This user likes Quantum torpedoes and mines.
Photon-Userbox-icon.png This user likes Photon torpedoes and mines.
Plasma-Userbox-icon.png This user likes Plasma torpedoes and mines.

I'm not good at writing these things.



Faction Federation.png Robin L Zhang


Military Rank:
Captain (Vice Admiral in-game)
Tactical Officer
USS Odyssey,
Long Range Science Vessel