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About Me[]

I've been playing Star Trek Online since November 2010. I'm a lifetime member, and like many of us, I play multiple characters, but Tahno is the one that has become my "Main" character. Naturally I have picked up a wealth of knowledge in playing STO, which I hope to share here.

You can contact me in-game. My username is "geekasylum", or email me, but I will admit that I don't always look at my email. I'm also on the in-game STOWiki channel, and a /tell should reach me when I'm offline (Assuming my messaging client can connect).

Oh, and if you think I spell funny... "Organise" instead of "Organize"... That's probably because I'm Australian, but I do try to keep my spelling consistent with the Wiki. :)

I've been a bit intermittent lately due to Real Life commitments. I'm still here, and working through the projects below as time permits. Tahno (talk) 18:07, 11 November 2013 (UTC)

Why I joined the STO Wiki[]

Besides wanting to share my STO knowledge, I thought I remembered seeing a walkthrough of my favourite STF: “Khitomer in Stasis” here, but was unable to find it when I looked for it again months later. I found it very helpful as it explained the mission in a way that made sense to me. I still haven't gotten my head around some of the other STFs in such a way. I joined to ensure that articles like this are available and easy to find.

I'm still working on that one, but along the way I've contributed to many other articles, always trying to improve them in some way, created several more, and spent a lot of time running around in STO researching various things to help make this awesome resource even better!


I play several different characters in the game. I find myself drawn more to the Klingon Empire, and tend to play Tahno the most. Below you'll find links to the main ones that I spend most of my time on.

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Faction Federation.png Federation Faction Klingon.png Klingon Empire Romulan Republic
Faction Federation.png Starfleet Faction Klingon.png KDF


  • For every page I try to update there are 6 more which need revision, to keep things consistent and reflecting the current game.
  • It's a challenge trying to find a consistent way to organise information when STO is inconsistent. Ie: The naming of Bridge Officer Vendors. Most of the Starfleet vendors are named, but there is one on DS9 who isn't (Simply referred to as "Engineering Officers" despite dispensing officers of all professions) and the only Romulan vendor is named "Officer Vendor" which doesn't distinguish between Bridge Officers or Duty Officers. I'm going to use a little "license" to try and fit them in and make things obvious and apparent
  • Categories are a great way of finding inconsistencies.

What I'm working on[]

You can see what I have marked as needing some attention in my Notes. I'll be working on these as time permits. My main focus is on the "projects" below, but I tend to divide my time between these and other things that I find along the way.

I get a little sidetracked by some of those "other things" from time to time, but I'm try to finish work in progress before starting on anything new.

The remainder of this page is mostly for me, so that I can keep track of where I'm up to, and to quickly find articles I have been working on, but feel free to continue reading.


  • Clean up the original six STFs.
    So far I've found and updated that walkthrough and have cleaned up most of the others, creating and updating redirect pages and disambiguation pages where necessary. I still need to work on the main articles for 'stasis' and 'vortex' some more.
    Ive gotten the structure reasonably up to date (pages and walkthroughs should all be there and findable) and will work on updating and formatting the content as time permits.
  • Update vendors who formerly sold items for Medals, Marks of Valor, Exploration etc, who now (mostly) sell for Dilithium.
    I've "removed" the categories. Its just a matter of finding and updating the vendors.
    This has pretty much turned into an 'all vendors' project.
    To do Mayerteac properly, and Arut (and their Ship Equipment countrparts) Im now working on the Dilithium Store.
    Mayerteac is done, if you want to see what I'm thinking.
  • Personnel Officers and related assignments.
    Getting Starfleet right, and will copy the structure and common info over to KDF and Romulan.
  • Early KDF Missions
    I've added a couple from the Empire episode and hope to finish these before going back for the Tutorial missions.
    I have most of the objectives for the tutorials in my Sandbox for now.
    I've realised that to go back for things I've missed, I need to play a new character up to these non-repeatable missions so I'm starting on the Tutorial missions as well.
  • Go through all cross-faction missions to update the infobox
    Make the template do the work - Marks such as Romulan, Nukara, Omega are being added under "rewards" rather than template attributes, since those attributes don't currently exist, and therefore arent highlighted in the boilerplate.
    Need to add these to the {{Missioninfo}} template first, same for {{Assignmentinfo}} (Had assumed they were already there).
    Update Boilerplate:Mission article and Boilerplate:Assignment article when done
    No plan to go back over the assignments to adjust infoboxes there.


You can blame me for any and all of the following... and a lot more. I don't keep track of these to be 'territorial' or for any kind of credit, as generally implied on a page I saw recently. I keep a selected list of some of the articles that I have worked on so that the reader can quickly get an overview of what I contribute to, the gaps I fill by creating, and the range of skills (from correcting typos to coding templates) that I employ to help improve the wiki - after all, if you're reading this page, you want to know a bit more about me, so here is a small taste of my wiki 'footprint' that wont get buried among the long list of my contributions. As you will see, I'm bold with my edits, and don't mind wandering outside of the main namespace when things need to be done. Oh, and I also chose the colour for the Voth faction - #909 :)


  • In the course of my Wiki travels I have updated many articles with minor tweaks, major reorganisation, formatting, corrections, minor spelling and grammar adjustments, linking, and other improvements which didn't involve creating or contributing content. You can find them included in the list of my contributions.
  • With the introduction of Season 8, I have tried to focus on 'Infrastructure' rather than content, ensuring the relevant templates and icons, Duty Officer images, etc, were available to create the Voth faction, shortly before release.
  • I have also been focusing quite a bit on the Duty Officer system, adding images, and tweaking templates to ensure that new officers can be added, via the form, with an appropriate image.
  • Recently, I have updated the {{missioninfo}} and {{assignmentinfo}} infobox templates to better categorise cross-faction content. I hope one day to see an end to the 'FedRomKDF' faction. Still more to do toward that goal.