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I've noticed a few things which could be improved as I've browsed around the Wiki, but didn't have the time to do them justice while I was there. I'm keeping them here so that I can get back to them as time becomes available. Feel free to jump in, if you're looking for something to do and my notes below makes sense to you :)

Stuff to Fix[]

Captain Klaarg has lost his identity as well, while Bekk Strenn retains his - barely.

Stuff to Reorganise[]

Nothing links to it. Use as the basis for S'stas's pack info.

Romulan Reoarganisation[]

  • Separate and possibly move {{Factionnav/Romulan}} and {{Factionnav/New Romulan}}. There is confusion here.
    The template titles don't match the file name which indicates the confusion. The NPCs are not categorised properly ie: (Chavra is RSE, Tal Shiar, and Romulan, while D'Tan is RR and Romulan). Faction-wise there is no "New Romulan" faction, and "Romulan" is a super-set of two sub factions, not just RSE.
    Before LoR it was good enough to put RSE under Romulan but now some Romulans are our allies.
    There should be two factions, but at least three distinct categories.
    • Factions
      • Romulan Star Empire (Includes Tal Shiar)
      • Romulan Republic (Includes Reman Resistance)
      • Reman Resistance's goals are different enough from RR to be a sub-faction
    • Categories
      • Romulan (all of below)
      • Romulan Star Empire (Followers of Sela including Tal Shiar)
      • Romulan Republic (Followers of D'Tan and Obisek)
      • Tal Shiar is part of RSE but probably autonomous enough to be a sub-category.
      • Reman Resistance is part of RR but autonomous enough to be a sub-category.
    Several mis-named categories already exist and can be moved, some have not yet been created.
    Lets get the foundation right before too much else is built on it.
    NPC pages will need categories updated where applicable.
    Fix links to old icon redirects: Faction Romulan Republic.png and Faction Romulan Republic.png.

Stuff to Revise[]

Go back and give these a second pass

Stuff to Create[]

  • B'Tama
  • A template for abilitiy details (infobox)
  • A template for Boff Candidate Icons Done. {{BoffCandidateIcon}} - still need to deploy it further
  • Starship Designations - IKS, IGN, USS, IRW, ARW, RRW, WTF? - Already exists: Registry
  • Bartender (Fleet Starbase) is a 50% vendor, both factions. Chef too
  • Commendation Reports
    Mention on, and link from Commendation, and pages. Eg: Commendation: Development
    Marauding *requires* a doff from "Security" but for a Success outcome it wants "Conn Officer" (Weirdness)
    Links to individual commendation assignments:
    • “Marauding Report”
    • “Diplomatic Report” or “Diplomacy Report”
    • “Science Report”
    • “Engineering Report”
    • “Military Report”
    • “Exploration Report”
    • “Espionage Report”
    • “Medical Report”
    • “Colonization Report”
    • “Trade Report”
    • “Development Report”
    • “Recruitment Report”

Stuff to Research[]

Tested against K'Lah and Amok who both get no additional discount (Amok does not even get his Ferengi 20%).
Its not a KDF thing (K'Lah doesn't get it), could it be Trait or Accolade based? or maybe Orion (Pirate)
Its the Tuffli bonus - Sweet. This bonus includes special Commodities and *almost* matches the Embassy price! (Its 20% rather than 25%).
Need to add this to the appropriate pages.

Useful Snippets[]

Handy Templates[]

{{noAccolades}} {{Doffformicons‎}}


Reminding myself not to miss these (for accolades and other unique loot)

  • Summer Event - July
  • Winter Event - December
  • Anniversary - January
  • First Contact Day / Day of Honor - April 5th
  • Hearts and Minds - Friday 13th & October 30th