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South Carolina (in local terms, a damn yankee), United States

I'm your typical old school nerd who has kept up with the times. As an avid Science Fiction reader, in my youth I have devoted my time to the sciences. Non-neurotypical in every way, my degree revolves around physics, and computer sciences.

I've been a long time supporter and contributor to Wiki's. Sent to bed around 8-9pm in my youth, I spent many a night with my head hanging out my bedroom door peering down the long hall watching Star Trek -the original series, which was according to my father, on "much too late to be up watching". I've seen and watched, too many times to count, every series and movie in the Franchise and attribute the franchise for my free imagination.

I enjoy an amateur status as a Quantum Theorist, and ascribe to a Bohmian Mechanics theory of my own development along the lines of DeBroglie/Bohm, Pilot wave theories, Holographic Universe, and string or m-brane theories. I also like to contribute my theory to discussion forums which revolve around Quantum Energy Generators with the purpose of forwarding my theories for the advancement of sciences that tap the free energy potential built into the foundation of existence and the concepts of wave function.

Philosophically I embrace all species as a form of multidimensional energy attached to but not part of the physical universe, with harmony and resonance as Love as the binding factor of life.

I have loved Star Trek for it's open paradigm of acceptance for all realms of possibility and accept this as a fictional forum for exploration without regard to a physical or theoretical necessity of proof except outside that the fictional paradigm. I recognize the statistical nature of Quantum Mechanics without regard to the true nature except as a physical manifestation.

But, above all things, I love to help my own species in all forms where help and troubleshooting are needed to resolve issues promoting a lifestyle based on the philosophy that we are all our brother's keeper, and are working toward harmony with nature and each other while retaining our independent spiritual nature apart from our bodies.

On a less serious note, like many fans I can express using my fingers the iconic jewish symbol that has for so many fans come to represe prosperity and long life, and accept that the 'needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few (or the one), as life is eternal, and bodies are transient. However, I disagree with one quote seen many times on the goal of life, and feel that the one thing all life holds in common is it 'seeks to survive' whether evil, benign, or benevolent, without regard to philosophy or means, whether these mean sows harmony or discord.

The end does not justify the means; but, the means do justify he end. I mean to promote cooperation, harmony and love and to this end, I am justified.

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