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    Hello! A little about me. I'm a long time technical writer/programmer/developer who is new to STO. I have been enjoying the game for about a month and a half since mid Dec 2012.

I have edited Wikipedia and other wiki's before and have begun to focus on some pages here. One philosophical approach I have is that 'I'm only a newbie once." As such, I bring a fresh perspective on what can and cannot be done in the game, and what I want to know, vs, what I know when starting out as a newcomer to STO. As such, I have focused on Key Binds as an area that needs a newbie's approach. So far I've added descriptions to the general game default key binds, to enable the newcomer to better understand what to expect before using the kindergarten approach. Push buttons, watch what happens. By giving more in depth definitions, where possible, a user can more fully understand what a key does, and gain confidence in modifying these settings.

Along the same line, I've also started editing an article on using scripted key bind text files, and editing them to facilitate game play: the area of the wiki. This is an area which has not been explicitly defined with existing game & wiki formats, and as such I have focused on readability, and understanding from a new and long time programmer perspective through selective highlighting to capture essence, and regular text to expand or expound. Having focused on teaching programming to new students, I feel I can assist by expounding on the already existing information, and expanding upon it for clarity and appropriate formatting.

I'm also, albeit more slowly, verifying many of the bind commands with respect to current functionality. Many of the binds seem to be discontinued, and little or no information is given on how to implement them in the script, if they function. My hopes are to discover a primary contact within the gaming community who can direct me to material which has not had time to make it into the wiki, such as phased out scripted objects and their methods, or new objects and subsequent methods.

I will add information about the areas in which I'm editing; and look forward to feedback on what can be done, including but not limited to new materials, styles, and such. More to come: --Cyberchipz 19:53, 23 January 2013 (UTC)

I'm still pretty new to the wiki and STO myself, but can atleast say welcome aboard! :)
And also should you need any graphics screenshot/made for anything I'd be happy to help.
Idrona User-FED-Sig.png Send an e-mail to this user 20:24, 23 January 2013 (UTC)