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  • Have played STO since Legacy of Romulus on desktop (Mac client); stopped when Mac client was discontinued, resumed after launch on Xbox One.
  • F2P other than Lifetime/Veteran (console)
  • Member of a level 85 (max) fleet; Atmospheric Flight Training III unlocked on all fleeted characters
  • Currently have 27 characters, with 8 active on any given day (farming Admiralty for dil/ec)
    • Main
      • 23c Human male tac level 65; Temporal Recruit (all objectives complete)
      • All trait slots unlocked (including fleet slots)
      • All Missions complete (including TFOs)
      • All Duty Officer Commendations rank 4; ground/space fleet active roster slots unlocked
      • All Reputations tier 6
      • All Admiralty campaigns level 10; slot 9 unlocked via Gamma Recruit
      • All R&D schools level 20; fleet R&D slot unlocked
      • Endeavor rank 123
      • Ground/Away team bridge officers all with Reboot II/III or Suspended Animation trait; no space traits
      • Space/bridge station officers all with at least 1 space trait: Hierarchy, Kentari, Krenim, Lukari, Romulan
    • Faction Leads
      • All level 65 with Diplomacy/Marauding rank 4
      • Atmospheric Flight Training III unlocked
      • All Reputations min tier 5
      • Can craft ALL skill-based training manuals (min 17 points per pri/sec class)
      • Min 1x Primary, 1x Secondary Specializations maxed (min 103 points spent per alt)
      • All R&D schools min level 15; each level 20 in at least 1 school, can craft ALL R&D special gear
1. DSC Vulcan male sci, trained sci/eng (doctor); Crossfield Science Spearhead
  • Discovery Legends rep tier 6
2. 23c Human female eng, trained eng/sci (technician); Constitution-class Temporal Light Cruiser
  • Temporal Defense Initiative rep tier 6
3. 25c Andorian male tac, trained tac/sci (special ops); Andorian Chimesh Pilot Escort
4. Fed-aligned Romulan female sci, trained sci/tac (scientist); Galas Surveillance Explorer Warbird
  • Delta Recruit (all objectives complete)
  • New Romulus rep tier 6
5. Fed-aligned Jem'Hadar male eng, trained eng/tac (combat); Jem'Hadar Vanguard Dreadnought Cruiser
  • Gamma Recruit (all objectives complete)
  • Gamma Task Force rep tier 6
6. KDF Klingon female tac, trained tac/eng (security); Fleet Duvqu' Heavy Destroyer
  • Task Force Omega rep tier 6
  • "Alt du jour"