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VaadwaurVaadwaur Supremacy

Vaadwaur at a rally

NPC Faction
Notable Species:
Delta Quadrant
Capital World:
Vaadwaur Prime
Political System:
Foreign Policy:
Eldex, previously Gaul
Iconian servitor
Alliance Relations:
Antagonistic, Iconian servitor

Vaadwaur Assault Vessel
A Vaadwaur Assault Vessel, which represents the bulk of the Vaadwaur fleets.

The Vaadwaur Supremacy was a vast empire, ruled by the Vaadwaur, that once spanned the Delta Quadrant until it was destroyed. In 2410, a relatively short-lived resurgence of Vaadwaur trying to re-establish the Supremacy took place.

History[ | ]

Prior to the 15th century, the Vaadwaur discovered and mapped the Underspace, a vast network of subspace corridors that allowed them access to star systems throughout the Delta Quadrant. They used the Underspace for exploration, commerce, and conquest, earning them the envy and enmity of hundreds of species. The population of the Vaadwaur around that time was six billion.

The Vaadwaur encountered the Borg during their travels, who at the time had assimilated only a handful of star systems. Another of the races they encountered were the Talax-ilzay, the ancestors of modern Talaxians, whose folklore included stories of a "phantom army" that appeared out of thin air and destroyed entire colonies before disappearing. In the old Talaxian language, "vaadwaur" is a word that means "foolish", an admonishment to those who trusted the Vaadwaur. Numerous other, similar references also testify to the aggression of the Vaadwaur.

Eventually, a coalition comprising the Turei and other species was formed to end the Vaadwaur threat once and for all. Their campaign culminated in the orbital bombardment of the Vaadwaur homeworld in 1484, which was believed to have resulted in the extinction of the Vaadwaur. The Turei subsequently claimed the Underspace for themselves.

A Vaadwaur battalion, numbering six hundred, managed to survive the attack underground in stasis units. Believing that the Turei coalition would quickly disintegrate after their defeat, they intended to reawaken in five years and reclaim one of their former colonies. However, a technical malfunction left them in stasis until they were discovered by the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager, 892 years later in 2376, and awoken by Seven of Nine. The Voyager crew found the Vaadwaur a new planet on which to rebuild.

Frustrated by their antiquated technology and the encroachment of successors such as the Borg and the Devore Imperium on their former holdings, the Vaadwaur resolved to take control of Voyager instead. They were driven back with help from the Turei and Gedrin, one of their own who disagreed with their imperialistic ambitions. Fifty-three Vaadwaur vessels managed to flee into the Underspace, disappearing to parts unknown. (VOY: "Dragon's Teeth")

By 2410 the Supremacy has been reborn, and has used surprisingly powerful ships and weapons to wreak havoc across the Delta Quadrant and overthrow several major factions, such as the Krenim Imperium and the B'omar Sovereignty.

Territory[ | ]

Missions involved[ | ]

Delta Rising[ | ]

The Dragon's Deceit

Eldex fights the Bluegill infestation.

Vaadwaur Prime surface

The ruins of Vaadwaur Prime.

  • ALL “Takedown”: The player leads the battle for the Vaadwaur homeworld to put an end to the Supremacy's threat to the quadrant. Gaul is killed in a pitched battle, and although it is discovered that he was in fact not infested with a neural parasite, Eldex demands that this must not be known by the rest of the galaxy.
  • ALL “Dust to Dust”: Vaadwaur forces launch an attack on the Kobali Temple in response to a signal activated by Keten.

Iconian War[ | ]

  • ALL “Time in a Bottle”: At least some of the Vaadwaur forces still seem to be intact and under Iconian control as the Iconians instruct the Heralds as well as the Vaadwaur to vigorously patrol the Kyana System in their search for the last Krenim holdout. One Vaadwaur ship attacks Nog and the player in the system's asteroid field.

Military[ | ]

Despite their original technology being nine hundred years out of date, the Vaadwaur have made an impressive comeback over the years and now sport some of the most powerful warships in the Delta Quadrant.

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