Vandros IV

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DominionVandros IV

Vandros System
Gamma Quadrant

Vandros IV is a Class M planet in the Gamma Quadrant and held an Iconian Gateway until 2372 when a joint Federation-Dominion operation destroyed it before rogue Jem'Hadar could use it. The events were later cited by Commander Worf, who was involved in the operation, as the prudent thing to also do to the New Romulus gateway. ( “Sphere of Influence”)

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • “Sphere of Influence”: Alliance forces discover monitoring of various planets throughout the Milky Way, including a live image of Vandros IV. Report text on the planet reads;
  • System: Vandros IV
  • Dominant Species: Dominion
  • Servitor Presence: Level 9 surveillance in effect

Dominion scientists discovered an intact gateway 37 cycles ago, but was destroyed by opposition forces before they could activate it.

There are other gateways in the region that remain inactive. Agents are in place to stop the Dominion from discovering the location of these gateways before we are prepared.

As to the Dominion themselves: we recommend observation but no engagement. The Dominion are organized and used to subjugating large numbers of species spread across a large area of space. When the Alpha and Beta Quadrants are firmly under our control then we will have the resources needed to conquer the Dominion as well.

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