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A Devidian Visitor.

Visitors are the Devidian ground units most commonly encountered by spacefarers. Visitors appear to be the standard form of Devidian as first seen by the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D in 2368. They are unarmed with any form of weaponry but are capable of attacking psionically to great effect.


  • Spectral Blast: Visitors attack by sending bolts of Psionic energy at a target to deal shield-ignoring damage.


  • Phase Shift: After taking some damage, Visitors will phase shift. When phase shifted, Visitors will have a lowered damage resistance against proton damage, but be able to use more powerful abilities.
  • Drain Neural Energy: Visitors can Hold a target and absorb their neural energy, dealing damage and healing the Visitor.
  • Wrathful Surge: While phase-shifted, Visitors can rapidly propel themselves towards an enemy and deal damage on impact.


Level Standard Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
Shields Health Shields Health Shields Health
11 n/a 483 n/a - n/a -
12 n/a 502 n/a - n/a -
14 n/a 538 n/a - n/a -
15 n/a 557 n/a - n/a -
21 n/a 667 n/a - n/a -
41 n/a 832 n/a - n/a -
42 n/a 1071 n/a - n/a -
51 n/a 1218 n/a - n/a -

Missions encountered[]

See Missions involving Devidian ground forces


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