Faction Neutral.png Vlugta Asteroid Field
Vlugta Asteroid Field sector space.jpg

Vlugta Asteroid Field from orbit
Bajor Sector
Alpha Quadrant
Vlugta Asteroid Field surface.jpg

A miner surveys the surface of a Vlugta asteroid as two others mine for dilithium in the distance

The Vlugta Asteroid Field is a neutral asteroid belt located in the Bajor Sector and a site of on going dilithium mining.

System Description

The Vlugta belt is a metal- and mineral-rich ring of asteroids under the control of the Vlugta government. Rather than engage in the expensive process of mining and refining the asteroids themselves, the Vlugta lease out sections to individual investors. Since the Vlugta remain a small regional power, they avoid contracts with larger governments like the Federation or the Klingon Empire. The result is a wide collection of individual prospectors and small-claims miners who all pay the Vlugta government for the privilege of hunting for useful ore, dilithium, or strange substances. As the asteroids in the field average 400 m. in size, they do not support any known life forms. Prospectors must rely on EV Suits, hand-held scanners and mining lasers, and a good deal of luck.


  • Isihl, a Ferengi investor, is the owner of the mineral rights to at least one of the asteroids in the belt.

Missions Involved


The Nerrak from Vlugta Asteroid Field Surface.jpg
The Nerrak
  • There is a new NPC on the Asteroid Mining Field - FDMAA Agent
  • The Vlugta Asteroid Field was added to the game on March 23, 2012.
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