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You may be looking for the playable Vo'Quv Carrier.
Klingon Vo'Quv Dreadnought
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The Vo'Quv Dreadnought is an extremely large carrier vessel used by the Klingon Defense Force. The massive dreadnought houses a number of To'Duj Fighters that are launched at enemy targets.




Level Standard Difficulty Advanced Difficulty Elite Difficulty
53 322358 - -

Missions encountered[]

Vessels of the class[]

Faction Image Class Named Vessels
Faction KDF.png VoQuv Carrier Flying.jpg Vo'Quv class I.K.S. Chang
I.K.S. Hunrek
I.K.S. Kaarg
I.K.S. Kal'Ruq
I.K.S. Nagh'Sen
I.K.S. Ogang
I.K.S. Sompek
I.K.S. Tev
I.K.S. Tor'Dun
I.K.S. Y'Hon
Faction Borg.png Assimilated Carrier.jpg Vo'Quv class (assimilated) Assimilated Carrier


  • Until July 19, 2012, the appearance of the Orion Syndicate's Warbarge Dreadnought was very similar to the Vo'Quv.
  • When KDF players use the Fleet Support ability, a Vo'Quv Dreadnought has a chance to appear to aid them in battle.
  • The Vo'Quv's warp nacelles share the same design as those of the Qin Heavy Raptor, albeit much larger.
  • The Vo'Quv shares its appearance with the Klingon dreadnaught from the Star Trek tactical assault game for the Nintendo DS.


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