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#REDIRECT [[Vorgon Xyfius Heavy Escort#History]]
'''Vorgon ''FNORD-class'' Starship''' was a vessel utilized by the [[Vorgon]] during the [[Temporal Cold War]].
At some point during the Cold War, [[Vorgon]] have sent agents into the past who, for reasons yet unknown, left behind data plans for a Vorgon FNORD-class Starship on [[Risa]]. These plans were recovered, later, in the [[25th century]] by the Alliance agents working for [[Qwen]].
Among the found schematics were starship deck plans, auxiliary system files, defense data, power and weaponry schematics. These data plans were so detailed that the Alliance could, with enough manpower, build this class of starships by themselves.
==Missions involved==
* [[File:Faction_FedRomKDF.png|24px]] {{mission|Sun, Sand, and Scavenging}}: While searching for temporal artifacts on [[Risa]], player finds data plans describing how to build a Vorgon FNORD-class Starship.
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