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The Voth are an ancient civilization in the Delta Quadrant. Their culture dates back twenty million years and relies on strict adherence to Voth Doctrine or simply "Doctrine". Questioning Doctrine is considered heresy and punished harshly by the ruling Ministry of Elders. The Doctrine is called into question by scientists finding evidence for the Distant Origin Theory, which posits that the Voth evolved on Earth. Whether the Voth have a homeworld in the Delta Quadrant is currently unknown.

Physiology[ | ]

Voth are a humanoid reptiloid species that presumably descended from the Hadrosaurid Parasaurolophus, extinct on Earth since the Late Cretaceous era, roughly 75 to 65 million years ago. The Voth have retained the crest extending from the back of their head. Smaller Voth have shorter cranial crests than their bulkier counterparts. The largest Voth stand taller than most humanoids and rather compare with enormous Breen like Thot Trel, or the most massive Gorn Ra'wiq and Hodch. They also have the ability to deploy spines from their forearms which are laced with a paralytic toxin, though this ability is rarely used.

History[ | ]

Klingon Intelligence File - Voth

A Klingon Defense Force intel report on the Voth

Voth Commander

A Voth Strike Commander

  • Over 400 million years ago [1], Eryops, the last common ancestor of warm- and cold-blooded animals (and thus Humans and Voth) lives on Earth.
  • ~75 million years ago, Parasaurolophus, the direct ancestor of the Voth, lives on Earth.
  • By ~65 million years ago, the intelligent saurian Voth had evolved from the Parasaurolophus. In anticipation of a massive asteroid impact that would wipe out their civilization and all dinosaurs, they somehow left Earth and took with them genetic samples of the soon-to-be extinct dinosaurs.
  • The Voth had reached the Delta Quadrant by ~20 million years ago, which is as far back as their cultural identity extends. Over the ensuing period they developed what came to be known as 'The Doctrine', their guiding principles, which specified that the Voth were the first lifeforms in the quadrant and that they originated in that area of space. In addition, another clause declared that non-indigenous beings had no rights. Heresy against Doctrine was an arrestable and serious offence.
  • Sometime after that, the Voth broke the transwarp threshold. The Doctrine proclaimed this new technology to be dangerous to Voth culture, so it was initially held back for millennia. At some point of time, the Voth also ally themselves with the Turei, who they consider worthy partners due to their reptilian ancestry.
  • In 2363, Professor Forra Gegen propounds his "Distant Origin Theory", contending that the Voth originated on a far away world and thereby contradicting the Doctrine.
  • In 2373, Gegen and his assistant Tova Veer are able to prove their theory by comparing Voth genes with genetic samples extracted from the remains of a crewmember of the U.S.S. Voyager. Although they even "extract" a live Human from the Voyager and present it to the Voth Ministry of Elders, Gegen's work is banned as heresy.
  • In 2409, the Voth discover the Solanae Dyson Sphere and attempt to claim it as their own, but encounter resistance from an alliance of Starfleet, KDF, and Romulan Republic forces, leading to armed conflict between the two groups.
  1. According to real world-science, the genus Eryops lived ~300 million years ago.
Nelen Exil

Nelen Exil, a Voth scientist, played a vital role in uncovering the secrets of Solanae Dyson Sphere

Missions involved[ | ]

Voth vs Vaadwaur - Turei Homeworld

Despite being known for their technological superiority, Voth suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of Vaadwaur.

Voth vs Vaadwaur - Mech Suit

Voth often employed mech suits in combat.

Solanae Dyson Sphere[ | ]

Delta Quadrant[ | ]

  • Faction Khitomer "Delta Quadrant Deep Space Encounters"
  • ALL “Borg Disconnected”: A Voth Fortress Ship transports Voth forces to a vast Borg Unicomplex, engaging the players, Borg, and Undine alike. Amongst others, the Voth employ special anti-Borg vessels and do not discriminate among Collective-Borg and Cooperative-Borg.
  • ALL “Revelations”: The player battles scouting elements of a Voth battle group before they are mysteriously recalled. responding to a distress call from the Turei homeworld, player approaches the planet and witnesses a battle between Voth and an unknown alien force in orbit. Voth suffer a heavy defeat as the unknown alien vessels destroy with ease even the largest of their ships.
  • ALL “Aftermath”: In their war against the Borg, the Voth deny the difference between the Borg Collective and Liberated Borg, attacking any Borg ship they can get their hands on. Player must protect the disabled Cooperative starships from a Voth attack.
  • ALL “Alliances”: (mentioned only) The Voth fail to respond to a distress signal from the Turei after a second Vaadwaur invasion attempt, prompting the Turei to join the Delta Alliance.
  • ALL “Blockade Runner”: During a Vaadwaur attack on the Krenim colony in the Zahl System, Voth forces assist in the evacuation of the survivors. However, their ships open fire on both the Supremacy and Alliance vessels, forcing the players to defend themselves.

People[ | ]

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Notes[ | ]

  • At least some Voth ships seem to use a V.S.S. prefix, presumably standing for 'Voth spaceship'.

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