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The Voth Battlezone as seen from space

The Voth Battlezone is a ground adventure zone located in Solanae Dyson Sphere's Contested Zone. Dyson Joint Command calls on ship captains to assist in their battle against the Voth, which launched a massive attack on the Omega Particle Silos located there.

General information[]

Commander Arnold explains main goal in the Voth Battlezone during cutscene after player's first visit.

This is the Voth Battlezone.
Our goal is to take control of at least one Omega Particle Silo. Here' how we do it.
This is the map of the battlezone. There are three regions, each made up of multiple capture points. When the Voth hold a capture point, it is red. When we take control of a captured point it will change to blue. Capturing points advances us towards our goal, represented by this meter. When it is full, we can make our final push to stop the Voth at the Omega Particle Silos. We must capture at least one of these silos to claim this battlezone for the alliance.
Good luck.

Accessing the Zone[]

The zone can be accessed from 3 locations.

  • Directly above it in the Contested Zone
  • From an interact available where you enter the Allied Zone from the Iconian Gate
  • From the Battlezone Veteran NPC at Dyson Joint Command


The Voth Battlezone

Command Center[]


An urbanized area.


A mix of rural and urban landscape.


A rural setting.


Found Missions[]

Open Missions[]

The Voth Battlezone is divided into three regions; each region has eight zones. There are three types of points which can be captured to advance the Battlezone Ally Control meter:

Artillery Point[]

  • Shown as an Artillery Gun on the mini-map.
  • Voth Artillery is powered by 5 generators, which the players are tasked with disabling. Each generator is guarded by a mix of Voth Specialists, Voth Medics and Bio-Engineered Dankanasaurs. Voth Antiproton Beam Turret can be beamed in randomly to assist the Voth.
  • To turn off a generator player must perform three tasks, accomplished by interacting with three consoles on the side of each generator. Each takes only a few seconds, and when it is complete the top of the generator lowers by a third of its height. Once a generator is fully disabled, it will start a self-repair sequence that takes three minutes to complete, therefore all 5 generators must be powered down in three minutes, starting from the moment the 1st generator was disabled.
  • When all five generators are powered down, the Voth will send 1, 2 or 3 Exosuits of varying classes (Both factors are determined by the number of people present in the point) to re-power the artillery. Once they are killed, the point is complete.

Comm Array Point[]

  • Shown as a flame on the mini-map.
  • Players must stand in the middle of the point and prevent the Voth from retaking it, until a timer runs out and the point is captured.
  • The timer is only active if two criteria are met:
    • First, there must be at least one allied Player on the point.
    • Second, there must be less Voth than players on the point.
  • The enemies at this point appear at frequent intervals, with the strongest enemies beaming in when the timer is at 1/3, 2/3 and almost complete.

Omega Generator Point[]

  • Shown as the Greek Letter Omega on your mini-map.
  • By interacting with a console on one side of the long rail, device starts moving towards its alcove on the other end of the point, and Voth start beaming in to stop it. There is a box like structure under the rail right after the first console which will speed up the device's movement if activated.
  • At two specific points, the lights on the rail will go from cyan to red and the device will stop. Activating the console under it will start its motion again.
  • At any point during the process, a Voth may show a progress bar over their head that reads Transporting to Console. If the bar fills, it will transport to the console and begin reprogramming the device. If he succeeds, the device will start moving backwards. Killing the Voth soldier before the device is reprogrammed will halt the progress.

Transporter Point[]

  • Shown as a double-sided thick arrow on your mini-map.
  • The Transporter is not a true point as it doesn't contribute to overall capture progress.
  • There are three transporters, one per region of the Battlezone. They are linked to the corresponding transporter platforms in the Command Center and to each other.
  • Once the Transporter Point is captured, the transporter will be unlocked and the players will be able to use it to travel to the Command Center or other unlocked Transporter Points.
  • The transporters are guarded by a mix of Voth Specialists, Medics and turrets. Once all Voth guarding the point are defeated, players will be able to interact with a console next to the transporter. Once activated, the transporter will be unlocked and point taken.

Once enough zones are captured, and held, the end phase will be triggered:

Omega Silo Point[]

  • When the zone transitions to its end phase, the empty area in each of the three sections turns yellow. Each of these areas will spawn a massive Bio-Engineered Viriosaurus Rex.
  • Each zone contains an Omega silo with consoles at its base. Several rounds of Voth Medics will spawn at the bottom of the stairs, walk to the top, and begin extracting Omega molecules. Each zone has a progress bar that tracks the Omega Molecule levels.
  • To take command of the Omega Silo Point, players must kill the V-Rex without losing all of the Omega molecules in the silo.


For each captured point, players will receive 10 Dyson Marks + 60 Dilithium Ore icon.png.
After capturing a point, Battle Zone Command Credits will spawn all around the area. They can be picked up by the players and used to summon Alliance reinforcements which will protect the captured area from ongoing Voth attacks.. In exchange for summoning the reinforcements, players will receive Dyson Marks.

For each defeated V-Rex, players will receive 25 Dyson Marks + 660 Dilithium Ore icon.png.

Completing the battlezone will give out a zone-wide reward based on how many final objectives were completed.

  • Completing one of the final objectives will reward at least:
    • Voth Cybernetic Implant icon.png 1 Cybernetic Implant
    • Dyson Marks 5 Dyson Marks
    • Dilithium Ore icon.png 60 Dilithium Ore
  • Completing two of the final objectives will reward at least:
    • Voth Cybernetic Implant icon.png 2 Cybernetic Implants
    • Dyson Marks 10 Dyson Marks
    • Dilithium Ore icon.png 120 Dilithium Ore
  • Completing three of the final objectives will reward at least:
    • Voth Cybernetic Implant icon.png 3 Cybernetic Implants
    • Dyson Marks 15 Dyson Marks
    • Dilithium Ore icon.png 240 Dilithium Ore

A bonus will be added to the final objective reward based upon the number of points player captured. The point capture credit is stored until the player completes the Battlezone, and then it is reset.


Following accolades can be obtained in the Voth Battlezone:

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