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VulcanConfederacy of Vulcan

Tuvok, a Vulcan Starfleet admiral.

Notable Species:
Beta Quadrant
Related Species:
Romulan, Reman
Capital World:
Vulcan (planet)
Political System:
Representative Republic
Foreign Policy:
Alliance Building
Federation member
Alliance Relations:
Fed (DSC, TOS & 25th century)
Unique Traits:
Logical icon Mind Meld icon Nerve Pinch icon
This article refers to the Vulcan species. You may instead be looking for the planet Vulcan.

Vulcans are a humanoid species native to the planet Vulcan. They were one of the founding races which created the United Federation of Planets, along with Humans, Andorians and Tellarites. Vulcans are a playable race in Star Trek Online, and belong to the Federation faction.

Physical features[ | ]

In appearance, Vulcans are very similar to Humans, except for their pointed ears and upwards pointed thick eyebrows. They are more similar in appearance to Romulans, as both originated from the same species. Vulcan males very rarely have facial hair such as beards. Vulcans tend to have pale skin, sometimes with a slight green tint; however, Vulcans with dark skin are not unheard of, such as Tuvok. A Vulcan lifespan is about two centuries. They are also physically very strong, with natural strength up to three times greater than that of the average human.

Culture[ | ]

Vulcans are very well known for their strict adherence to logic and for their honesty. It is said that Vulcans do not lie, and some say Vulcans are incapable of lying; however, they will should they deem it to be the logical solution to a given situation. Although Vulcans are very logical beings, they still have spiritual beliefs. Some Vulcans still undertake arranged marriages, which are typically arranged by the parents when the child is still of a young age, normally under 10 years old.

Traits[ | ]


T'nae, a Vulcan Starfleet admiral.

Vulcan Comm Badge

The Vulcan IDIC symbol as a comm badge

NPCs[ | ]

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