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DOff Wadi Female 08 icon.png
Female Wadi

NPC Species
Gamma Quadrant

Wadi are a humanoid nomadic non-player race native to the Wadi System in the Gamma Quadrant and members of the Dominion.


The Wadi were the first Gamma Quadrant culture to make first contact with the Alpha Quadrant. A Wadi ship visited the Federation station Deep Space 9 and played the game Chula with the command crew. (DS9 episode Move Along Home)


Male Wadi

Wadi are physically similar to Humans but for a mark on their forehead. This is a tribal tattoo of one color, although each Wadi can have a different color.

Duty officers[]

Wadi duty officers are only available for the Klingon Empire.

See List of Wadi duty officers

Missions referenced[]

  • “Operation Gamma”: The Ferengi trader Farek has made contact with the Wadi as well and does not consider them "any trouble once you learn the rules of that crazy game,", disregarding them as serious business competition. Wadi do not appear in the episode themselves, though.


  • Wadi can be easily recreated in the Alien Creator by using a Human-like template and applying the tattoo to the forehead.
  • The sector space exploration narration for the Idran region states that the Wadi are a "valuable member" of the Dominion.

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