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Not to be confused with "Warzone", a story-episode for Klingon players.

War Zones are continuous "PvEvP" zones accesible for players of all factions and levels. There is a ground and a space map, accessible from two different star systems each. War Zone play becomes accessible at level 5, and access is divided by ten level increments after level 10.

War Zones will have you compete as part of a team to secure resources before the enemy team can claim them. They permit open PvP between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, including their respective allies, while both also fight against the Borg. Completing War Zones and associated missions usually rewards dilithium Dilithium Ore icon.png and fleet marks Fleet Marks.


The ground War Zone

Access points


In the ground War Zone you must rescue 5 Starfleet officers from the Borg. After this you must go to the middle of the map and upload a virus into 4 Borg nodes. During this time you are at risk of being attacked by enemy players who are also trying to complete this mission. First place receives a random Very Rare Ground Weapon, Shield, Personal Armor, or Kit Modules and Frames. Second place receives a Rare item and Third place receives an Uncommon item.


The space War Zone

Access points

War Zone - Encryption Errors Objectives[]

  • Scan Borg encryption nodes (0/8)
  • Destroy Borg repair hubs (0/4)

NPC Enemies[]


Map of the Ker'rat System.

There are more than eight encryption nodes scattered throughout the zone. They must be approached within 5km to scan, an action which (like most scans) cannot be completed while firing or being fired upon. Speeding through the zone at full impulse will allow you to find unguarded nodes and scan them. It is also possible to sneak in and scan whilst other starships are collecting aggro from whatever is nearby. During this phase of the mission, only Probes and Spheres will attack; Cubes and Tactical Cubes will register as allies, and Repair Hulks won't register as targets at all, though you'll be able to pick them out by eye.

Once eight nodes have been scanned, a pop-up from your Tactical Officer will announce the next phase of the battle. Repair Hulks become target-able, and Cubes and Tactical Cubes become hostile. The larger majority of Hulks will spawn within 10km of some sort of Cube. The more weapons your ship (and those of your allies) sport, the easier it is to destroy a Cube. Hulks themselves have no weapons or shields.

Once the mission is complete, the four-minute cool down timer begins, points are totaled and a bonus reward is assigned to the top five players with more than one point. For this reason, "stealing" an encryption node from an ally may cause fury as points are not listed during the mission, and they will likely have trouble determining whether you actually "stole" a prize-winning placement from them.

Finally, players should be aware that this is not a PvE zone; it is a PvPvE zone. Klingon and Romulan Republic players can enter the zone at will, and have the full spectrum of hostilities available to them. Klingon players have their own set of mission objectives, and Federation players must also beware of groups of KDF (and KDF-aligned Romulan Republic) ships using Cloaking Devices to sneak into an effective ambush position. Any Federation ship that becomes separated from the main group will find themselves easy prey to prowling KDF or Romulan ships.


  • Ker'rat/N'Vak was one of the game's most known and played dilithium farms, due to the fact that the mission in this system could be completed repeatedly without a cooldown. The mission grants 1440 Dilithium Ore icon.png each time they turn in the mission along with a fixed number of expertise Expertise icon.png and skillpoints Experience Point icon.png. As of June 23rd, 2013 the mission is now a randomly occurring daily that is randomly cycled between other PvP and Warzone missions. The mission has at least a 20 hour cooldown as of the Legacy of Romulus expansion.
  • This system also serves as a kill and death farm for the Klingon Empire faction because this is also a PvP zone in which players may engage forces from the opposite faction. This allows KDF players to complete their daily PvP quests easily along with the standard mission of this zone.
  • There is a known bug in which a player flies their ship to the Federation spawn area (opposite to where everyone starts the map in the beginning), and logs out and log back in again as the same character, they will be able to attack ships on their same faction as well as ships on the opposite faction. Meanwhile the opposite faction registers as allies and cannot attack you. This will fix itself if a player changes instances or leaves the map.
  • Like its sister ground zone Otha System, is it not uncommon to see players simply 'farming' the mission for loot. Space items tend to fetch a good price either by selling to a vendor or in some cases to resell on the Exchange at a much higher cost if the loot item in question is popular and has a high player base value. This makes this Zone very profitable for especially newer players. For this reason players may just warp in and shoot Borg NPCs until their Inventories are full and warp out, even if they don't necessarily have an active War Zone mission in progress.


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  • Adventure zones - A different type of continuous maps, which, however, do not permit PvP but offer a multitude of different PvE missions.

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