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Terran EmpireWesley Crusher (mirror)
Emperor crusher
Military Rank:
Pahvo (mirror)
Ruler of the Terran Empire
Active (2411)
Voiced by:
Wil Wheaton

Emperor Wesley Crusher is the ruler of the Terran Empire and commanding officer of his flagship, I.S.S. Acheron.

History[ | ]

  • According to information uncovered by Prime Universe operatives, Emperor Crusher is a Terran who rose through the ranks of the Imperial Starfleet after a strange encounter gave him god-like powers. Prior to this, he served on an iteration of the I.S.S. Enterprise with his mother, Beverly Crusher.
  • Ruthless and capable of incredible feats, he has a tendency of showing up uncannily and destroying his enemies. Thus far, he has been completely undefeatable.

Missions involved[ | ]

  • Faction FedRomKDF “Temporal Reckoning”: In one of her personal logs, Leeta ponders about using her newly-gained powers and allies to overthrow the Emperor.
  • ALL “Firewall”: In the opening cutscene, Emperor Crusher is seen activating a device that sends a red energy field around a planet, followed by activating what appears to be a personal cloaking device on his EV suit. Later, Admiral Leeta returns to the Prime Universe to warn the Khitomer Alliance about his plans.
  • ALL “The Calling”: Emperor Crusher's flagship, the I.S.S. Acheron, accompanied by a fleet, arrives over Pahvo shortly after the arrival of The Other.
  • ALL “Eye of the Storm”: In a battle between the Alliance and the Terran Empire in orbit of Pahvo, Emperor Crusher immobilizes everyone using his powers and hails Captain Shon. He, the Inquisitor and Tilly then head into The Other, where he first praises the Inquisitor for following instructions. However, he later lectures everyone angrily, disappointed that Terrans of their caliber became overpowered by mere combat drones and considered withdrawing. The Inquisitor questioned Tilly about Emperor Crusher's wellbeing, but Tilly ignored it as they were already close to treason. Emperor Crusher merges with The Other at its core while Tilly and the Inquisitor battles Leeta. Before Tilly could kill Leeta, the latter convinced the Inquisitor about the danger of Emperor Crusher. The Inquisitor kills Tilly and escapes The Other with Leeta and formulates a plan to deal with Emperor Crusher. At the closing cutscene, Emperor Crusher is seen with his eyes glowing and becoming more powerful as he takes control of The Other. He vows to put an end to the 'pale reflection' and to 'shatter the mirror'.

Other involvment[ | ]

  • "Aftershocks": Fearing Leeta can no longer be controlled, Emperor sends orders to surrender the I.S.S. Enterprise to Tiaru Jarok. Leeta resists and eventually escapes into space beyond the Imperial territory in search of allies willing to fight him.

Notes[ | ]

Emperor Wesley Crusher

Emperor Crusher in the trailer for Season 27: Ascension.

  • As part of the celebrations on Star Trek Day, September 8, 2022, Star Trek Online revealed Mirror Wesley Crusher as the Terran Emperor and released the teaser trailer for Season 27: Ascension, voiced by Wil Wheaton following his recent reprisal of Wesley as A Traveler in the season two finale of Star Trek: Picard.

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