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Containing all knowledge the Iconians ever gathered, the World Heart is a data storage device that used to be kept in a secured facility in a city floating over the surface of Iconia until 200,000 years ago. It holds information about worlds they have visited, their genetic data, their technology, and their culture, and it can be used to terraform a planet to resemble Iconia in just a few years. It is, as the name implies, the heart of the Iconian world.

Missions involved[]

  • “Midnight”: During the bombardment of Iconia 200,000 years ago, the player, Sela, and Kagran assist L'Miren, keeper of the World Heart, to eject it from the planet's central archive. However, as the surviving Iconians flee their homeworld through a gateway, Sela attacks them, forcing them to leave without it. While the last twelve Iconians have to survive without their World Heart for 200 millennia, the player uses it after returning to the year 2410 to make peace and end the Iconian War. The World Heart is inserted into an energy stream on the bridge of the Iconian flagship, which alters the interior color scheme of the ship. L'Miren subsequently returns the World Heart to Iconia, where the remaining 10 Iconians plan to rebuild their civilization.


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