Xindi-Reptilian Tactical Officer Candidate

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FederationXindi-Reptilian Tactical Officer Candidate
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Very Rare
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The Xindi-Reptilian Tactical Officer Candidate is a Very Rare male Xindi-Reptilian tactical bridge officer which can be purchased at the Lobi Crystal Consortium for 300 Lobi Lobi Crystal icon.png.

This officer is customizable like standard bridge officers. Players are able to change body type, facial characteristics, or add custom uniforms to him.

Traits[edit | edit source]

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Outfit[edit | edit source]

Obtaining this bridge officer unlocks his uniform for your character

The officer is fully customizable and capable of wearing any uniforms applicable to the Starfleet or KDF faction. As an additional bonus, adding this officer to your roster will also provide a tailor unlock for Xindi-Reptilian Soldier Outfit for use on your captain and crew.

Default names[edit | edit source]

  • Dolror • Drassick • Grassir • Jagra • Ishva • Roilar • Thagra • Tholra • Zalirik • Zakkir

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