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Zefram Cochrane Memorial Hologram
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Gained by participating in the First Contact Day event. Play each available day to earn a voucher!

Submit these vouchers to the Event reputation to earn great rewards!
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The Zefram Cochrane Memorial Hologram was an event token awarded to players who completed the “First Contact Day Re-Enactment” PvE Queue during the First Contact Day events, once every 20 hours per character. Unused Zefram Cochrane Memorial Holograms could be stored for later use as they had been usable for subsequent First Contact Day events. Its icon has the appearance of a holographic bust of Zefram Cochrane.

They were removed from the game on June 6th, 2019 without compensation; future First Contact Day Re-Enactment events may instead utilize the [Featured TFO Commendation] as its token.


Prior to their removal, the “First Contact Day Re-Enactment” mission awarded this item. See the First Contact Day for a list of dates.


These items were used in the Events tab of the Reputation System after slotting a limited time project which required 4 Zefram Cochrane Memorial Holograms for completion. Once the main project was completed, a bonus project became available, requiring 1 Zefram Cochrane Memorial Hologram. After this item was removed from the game, any of the main projects were auto-completed, while leftover bonus projects were simply unslotted. Completing the project will unlock the reward only on that character.

Hologram Reward Repeatable
Main project: 4 Unique items No
Bonus project: 1 100 Reputation Marks Yes

In-game description[]

Zefram Cochrane Memorial Hologram, which can be turned in First Contact Day Event rewards.[sic]

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