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Zhat Vash Disruptor Pistol
Very Rare Ground Weapon
Character Bind On Pickup

Double Tap
Disruptor Damage
139.1 Disruptor Damage x2 (231.8 DPS)
0.75 sec recharge
Charged Chamber Bolt
Exploit Attack
Disruptor Damage and Knockback
to target: 270.9 Disruptor Damage (494.5 DPS)
to target: +10 Repel
Resets timer on Blast mode for 12 sec (Bolt mode still available after 6 sec recharge)
Value: 50 Lobi Crystal icon.png
Zhat Vash Disruptor Pistol icon.png
Very rare icon.png

The Zhat Vash Disruptor Pistol is a type of pistol weapon. It is based off the weapons used by the Romulan Zhat Vash in Star Trek: Picard.


The Zhat Vash Disruptor Pistol can be obtained from the Lobi Crystal Consortium for 50 Lobi CrystalsLobi Crystal icon.png.

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