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Zhat Vash Infiltrator Armor
Very Rare Ground Armor
Character Bind On Pickup

+69.8 Physical Damage Resistance Rating

+69.8 Kinetic Damage Resistance Rating
+69.8 Energy Damage Resistance Rating
+5 Run Speed
+29.1 Root Resistance Rating
+29.1 Knockback Resistance Rating

Apply Adaptive Cushioning for 40 sec if hit by Physical or Kinetic Damage (once per sec)

Per stack of Adaptive Cushioning (max 10):
+2.5% Bonus Melee Damage
+5 Physical Damage Resistance Rating

+5 Kinetic Damage Resistance Rating
Leap Backwards 8m
+5% Bonus Ranged Weapon Damage per stack of Adaptive Cushioning and unable to gain stacks for 20 sec
30 sec recharge
Value: 200 Lobi Crystal icon.png
Zhat Vash Infiltrator Armor icon.png
Very rare icon.png

The Zhat Vash Infiltrator Armor is a type of Body Armor based off the outfit of certain members of the Romulan Zhat Vash in Star Trek: Picard. Obtaining the armor unlocks the Costume for use in the tailor.

The tailor unlock


The Zhat Vash Infiltrator Armor can be obtained from the Lobi Crystal Consortium for 200 Lobi CrystalsLobi Crystal icon.png.